Kra Mut Ankh

Temple of the Mother Of Life

We are a Nubian-Khamite Temple
dedicated to
Sh’ti Mer ~
Revelation through Orgasmic Spirituality.
Founded by Abut Arit, Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming.

We Celebrate
Whole Self Liberation & Life Mastery
for all who have hearts, minds
and Bliss organs wide open enough
to boldly Desire and receive it

Our Invitation
Our Dream iz to touch you.
And to be touched by you.

To feel the truth of your Magnificence
meeting, enlivening and Liberating our own.

We touch and in touch, we transform.

Each day, directly and through the growing Circle of awareness we reveal
we touch and we iz touched by Ankh Nbu -
playing fully, as Ntr't essence meeting Ntr't essence
and together, we inspire new Bliss Warriors to touch even more!

We iz the center of a worldwide Orgasmic Alkhamy Healing Mission
that iz creating/BEing the living face of . . .


We Touch and in Touch, we transform
We Love and by Love, we heal
We Shine and through Light, we receive
We Ask and with Appreciation, we share Bliss

☥ Tua-U NTRU ☥

Pray With Us

PRAYER ~ Progressive Revelation Activating Your Eternal Reality

In Afrakan Spiritual Kulture, the art and medicine of affirmative prayer iz the fabric of all innerstanding.
In our Nubian-Khamite tradition, prayer iz a vital aspect in achieving the alkhamy of Hekaur.

In wholly surrendered, purposefully aligned communion with Shepsu (Ancestors) and NTRU (Divine Ones), we freely
taste and share from our Divine Mother's eternal grace, guidance and sustenance.

Request Prayer

We will offer your name in our daily Sh'ti Mer revealing rituals for 30 days.
Know that the reverberations from our focused alkhamy will continue long after this time

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Pray BeLove

In 1998, Abu't Arit Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming penned a prayer to activate solid grounding and comfort for those who sought her spiritual counsel. This prayer was immediately shared by all who received it -- hand-to-hand, via mail, fax and email after that became widely available. Entirely on its own, this prayer quickly spread to several countries all over the world.

For years, every month on the 21st day, people in small groups or on their own, offered this prayer aloud, blanketing our world with the Spirit of re•membering who we IZ in/as LOVE.

This prayer iz a Celebration of the infallible Truth of YOU!
Breathe it all the way IN and let it become your own…

Download BeLove

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